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Experience Healing & Self-Care at Samadhi Sanctuary.

Customized Therapeutic Massage

A combination of Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish,  to customize a unique therapeutic healing experience. Aroma therapy to start and end your treatment, hot towels and a warmed table allows you to slip into a peaceful rejuvenation. Help relieve tension, alleviating muscle soreness, improving circulation, moving lymph, and overall energy. Energy is focused on problem areas of concern if needed.

60 minutes - $135.00     

90 minutes - $165.00    

120 minutes-$195.00


Add Deep Tissue for the entire body for only $20 extra. A deeper pressure treatment focused on releasing specific muscle tension.

Back Massage

Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage

If you struggle disconnecting from the mind, this massage is for you. Himalayan salt stones become the extension of healing hands to provide radiant heat deep into sore and tired muscles, relaxing them from the inside out. Grounding you into body and out of your mind. From an ancient sea deep beneath the Himalayan mountains, these salt stones emit negative ions to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field. This ritualistic treatment alkalizes and gently exfoliates the skin, replenishes your body with 84 different minerals, helps improve circulation and lowers blood pressure, boosts bone health and prevents muscle cramps, addresses insomnia, supports your sinuses and a healthy respiratory system. Melt away an accumulation of stress, anxiety, tension and pollutants while bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance.

60 minutes - $145.00       

90 minutes - $175.00  

120 minutes $205.00

Hot Stones Massage

Netra Basti with Cranial Sacral

Netra Basti is essentially a bathing of the eyes. Netra means “eyes” and basti is the Sanskrit word meaning “to bathe” or “cleanse.” It is a restorative and preventative Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes to enhance eye sight, counter fatigue and heaviness in the eyes dry eyes & slow retinal deterioration. Includes Tibetan Cranial Sacral work.

60 min -$150


What is Netra Basti: The Therapist prepares dough from special grains which is shaped into a small ring and placed over the eyes. This is then filled with warm ghee. The ghee is retained within the ring at a specific temperature for a specific time. Once the ghee is removed the therapist will massage specific marma points around the affected area.
This Massage is for anyone who suffers from: Darkness in front of the eyes, Stiffness of the eyes, Dryness of the eyes, Injury to the eyes, Diseases of the eye due to vitiation of vata and pitta Squint, Blurring of the vision, Difficulty in opening and closing eyes, Conjunctivitis, Glaucoma, Watering of the eyes, Painful eyes, Swollen eyes.

Head Massage

Massage & Cupping

Combines our signature massage and cupping allowing you to experience the best of both. Cupping is a modern adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy. While massage performed by applying pressure, cupping instead uses negative pressure to pull, lift, open and expand the body’s soft tissues. Cupping can loosen muscles and sedate the nervous system. Benefits include: Relieve back and neck pain, stretch muscle and connective tissue, clears stagnation, helps with inflammation, blood flow, migraines, anxiety, and even cellulite.

90 minutes - $175.00  

120 minutes $205.00

Cupping Treatment

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